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Solar Credit Donations

Did you know you can donate your excess solar net metering electric credits to Habitat Cape Cod? Well you can!

Net Metering Gift Guidelines

We have recently received several donations of credits which are helping to offset our office and ReStore electric expenses.  We are very grateful for these donations! 

Twice a year, Eversource allows homeowners to update their Schedule Z form by which you may allocate credits to any public, private or nonprofit entity. The credits may be apportioned at 100% or less. As these credits never expire and roll over month to month, some individuals, particularly “snow birds” who leave the Cape in winter, are finding they are accumulating credits they never use. Such credits can be put to good use here at Habitat!

If you are interested in donating your net metering credits, call Beth Wade, our Director of Land Acquisition & Project Development at 508-362-3559 x 24 or email her at land@habitatcapecod.org.  

Thank you for considering this donation to Habitat!