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The Homeownership Process

Steps in the Process: Build Your Future

The homeownership process is exactly that: a process. It can take anywhere from 18-30 months, from your first information meeting to move-in day. There are several stages in the process: applying for a home, Habitat’s selection process, and the partnership phase.  

Applying for a Home

Applying for a Habitat mortgage is similar to applying for any mortgage, and – yes – there is a lot of paperwork. If possible, we encourage you to attend an information meeting. It’s a helpful place to learn about the homes available, the application process, our selection criteria and process, and what it means to be a Habitat homeowner family. Once you are ready, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Check that you may qualify for a Habitat home (if you think you might, the only way to know for sure is to apply).
  2. Fill out a paper application.
  3. Provide documentation paperwork typical of any mortgage application.
  4. Write a personal statement that explains your housing need.
  5. Return the application to the Habitat office before the due date, which is final.

Click here to view a sample application and general information on how to apply (for when applications are open). At any point during the process you can contact us. We know that applying for a home and mortgage can seem like a big task, and we are here to help! Contact our Family Programs Manager, Mary Ann Mills-Lassiter, at 508-362-3559 x21 or email her for more information.

See more information: Apply for a Home

Habitat's Selection Process

After you submit your application, you’ll have to wait 2-3 months before a decision is reached. While you wait, we will be hard at work. Here are the steps we take to process your application.

  1. All applications are reviewed by our family selection office team to check for missing information. If your application is incomplete, you will be asked to provide the missing information.
  2. All completed applications go to credit reviewers, who check that your income does not exceed the maximum allowable, but is also adequate to pay our affordable mortgage.
  3. If you are income-eligible and credit-worthy to qualify for a Habitat home, trained interviewers will meet with your family to evaluate your housing need and your ability to partner.
  4. All applications found to meet our eligibility requirements go into a lottery.

During every step of this process, we follow all Fair Housing Law and standard Habitat procedures. We do not discriminate, and we do business in accordance with Federal and Massachusetts Fair Lending Laws. 

Partnership Phase

If you are selected to purchase a Habitat home, you will be assigned a volunteer Family Partner. Your Family Partner is your go-to person from the time you sign your letter of agreement through the first year of homeownership. Your Family Partner will track your family’s sweat equity hours, answer questions, and be your liaison with Habitat. During your partnership phase, you will help build your home, which takes from 8-12 months. You will also be required to attend and participate in a series of pre-purchase workshops, and may need to also attend one or two post purchase workshops. These help you prepare to be a successful homeowner – and include sessions such as financial planning and budgeting classes to home maintenance and care. We want to make sure your family has the know-how and confidence to start your future from the day you put the key in the door of your new home. 

We do not accept or reply to e-mail communications about applications.

Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod does not discriminate in the selection of applicants.

Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod is a not-for-profit organization and we do business in accordance with Federal and Massachusetts Fair Lending Laws.