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2017 Home Builders &  Remodelers Association of Cape Cod BLITZ

2017 Home Builders &  Remodelers Association of Cape Cod BLITZ


You changed the life of a local family forever ~ IN ONE WEEK!

Cape Cod home builders, remodelers and suppliers built a new Habitat for Humanity home for a local family in one week, (for the 3rd time!! 2013- Orleans,  2015 -Harwich,) during the week of September 18th through 23rd. 

“People ask why our members are willing to give so much time, materials, and labor all year-long in order to plan and complete the Blitz Build home. Our Association’s motto is Building Community and we can’t think of a better way to accomplish that than building a home so a family have an affordable monthly mortgage and continue to live, work and raise their children here on Cape Cod.  Jessie, a hard-working mom raising a beautiful family, who could be providing care for any one of our family members, couldn’t find a home she can afford! Now she can.” - Christine Duren, HBRACC executive officer.

The Blitz house, a two-story, four bedroom Cape, will be one of six affordable homes being constructed as the first of two phases in what will be a 14-home subdivision on Paul Hush Way, Brewster, when completed. The nearly 14-acre site was purchased with Town of Brewster Community Preservation Act funds by Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod.

Hundreds of members of the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod (HBRACC) donated supplies and volunteered countless hours of skilled labor to build one home for one family in one week.The Blitz planning team began meeting in February 2017, enlisting volunteers and mapping out the extremely tight schedule. Various crews lined up one after the other working within their area of expertise including: framing, sheathing, siding, roofing, interior finish, painting and appliance installation. Project managers worked closely with town building inspectors to ensure that all aspects of the home met building codes.

We are hugely grateful that the home builders and remodelers continue to enthusiastically embrace the challenge of fully funding and then building a Habitat home in just five days. Aside for the opportunity it offers to the local family purchasing it, the Blitz home has served to build awareness of the tremendous affordable housing need here on Cape Cod."-Victoria Goldsmith, executive director of Habitat for Humanity Cape Cod.

This year's 2017 Home Builders Blitz Build family was a single working mom, Yessenia "Jessie" Cordova-Miranda, her three small children.  Jessie has been working as a Certified Nurse’s Aide for 10 years.

About the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Cape Cod
Founded in 1950, HBRACC is a volunteer-driven trade Association, consisting of hundreds of member companies, representing thousands of industry professionals on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard. The Association includes builders and remodelers, suppliers, subcontractors and other associates. Home Builders’ Blitz is a nationwide partnership of Habitat for Humanity and National Home Builders Association. 60 Paul Hush Way is the 151st home blitz’d in 2017 in communities across the U.S. to provide one home, for one family in one week.   More Photos

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Watch the amazing time lapse video! Courtesy of Robert Scott Button and RSBVideo!