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Rules and Regulations

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Eligible Fish Species

  • Individuals are competing for the fish species of the highest weight for black sea bass, striped bass and bluefish in the saltwater division and trout in the fresh water division.

Derby Dates and Times

  • Only fish caught between 12:01am, June 1st and 11:59pm July 13th will be eligible
  • Registration ends July 12, 2017
  • Participants must register at least 24 hours prior to first official weigh in, except on Charter boats
  • Charter participants must register at the beginning of the charter with your charter captain
  • An individual may fish both divisions (fly tackle and all tackle), but must register and pay for each division

Divisions and Entry Fees

  • $50 registration fee for all adults, 16 years and older
  • $25 registration fee for all juniors, 15 years and younger
  • All participants age 16 years and older must hold a valid State of Massachusetts fishing license, unless on a charter boat

Methods of Fishing and Boundaries

  • This is a boat and shore fishing tournament. Any fish caught on a boat that is anchored in a marina or to a dock will be counted as “boat”
  • All fish must be caught by means of hook and line and in accordance with applicable state laws and be presented as fresh, not frozen.
  • All fish entered in the “shore” division must be caught from the shores of Cape Cod and not further inland than the Cape Cod Canal
  • All fish entered in the “boat” division must be caught from a boat no more than the legal limit off the shores of Cape Cod

Weigh-in Details

  • Fish can only be weighed at official weigh stations
  • Eligible fish caught in other tournaments can be counted for this derby.
  • Only one striped bass may be officially weighed in per day per participant
  • Only three trout may be officially weighed in per day per participant
  • Only five black sea bass may be officially weighted in per day per participant
  • All fish must be weighed-in within 12 hours from the time being caught
  • Trout may be caught, weighed by the fisherman, documented and released during the tournament; all catch and release documentation must be on official tournament weigh in slips and submitted with a photograph showing the fish on a scale that clearly displays the weight to Jess@habitatcapecod.org within a 12 hour period
  • Weigh-in stations reserve the right to reject any fish that is physically altered except the normal routine of bleeding a fish
  • Any eligible fish should be cleared of all debris including, fishing line, hooks, weights, seaweed, etc.