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Global Village - Building in Mexico

Chacala- Nayarit, Mexico

A volunteer team from Cape Cod traveled to  Chacala, Mexico from Saturday, March 9th to Sunday, March 17th. The team assisted a family in constructing a home and learned about the community and culture of Mexico. Our 2019 Global Village team was led by Tricia Vos and members were Charles Orr, Donna Hartnett, George Bell, Greg Whiting, Janet Sharp Kershaw, Laurie Leitner, Marcia Bissell,  Rosemary Nicholls,  Roz Levin  and Weston Halkyard. 

Monday - The team stated working Monday!  They met the family first - Johnny works at a pineapple farm and Fabiola stays home to care for their kids Humberto and Fatima. After a safety and construction orientation, the team started mixing mortar, leveling the floor, moving blocks, and building walls. By the end of the day, they were ahead of schedule!

Tuesday - The team continued to mix mortar, move blocks, and raise the walls on Tuesday. The homeowners are working with the team every day. It’s so far a unique opportunity to lean more about this Mexican community.

Wednesday - The Global Village team finished raising the walls!  After work on Wednesday, they visited the pineapple farm where the homeowner works and learned about the process of growing and harvesting.  

Thursday - The Global Village team continued to learn and build on Thursday. They visited a brick factory to see how the materials they are using are made, and then mixed more concrete and pored some columns on the house!  They leveled the floor before making visits to other homes built by Habitat partner families. No one can believe tomorrow will be the last day - the week flew by!

Friday - The team finished working on Johny and Faby’s home on Friday. It was an emotional goodbye! Everyone enjoyed the week and couldn't wait to share their experiences with the HFHCape Cod community when they returned.

We hope to put together another team and travel to a new location in 2021. Email Tara@habitatcapecod.org to learn more!