December 4, 2021 – Falmouth Wall Raisings

We are raising walls on SIX homes on Willett Way in Falmouth on Saturday, December 4th! Join us and meet the families, watch the walls being raised, and participate in the blessing of each home. The ceremony begins at 8:30 am. For GPS purposes, use 36 Barrows Road, Falmouth as your destination. Parking is limited.

December 18, 2021 – Cape Cod Sleigh Ride Raffle

     Our holiday raffle is live and runs until December 18th. On that day, we will pull the winning ticket for the main event, a hand crafted cedar strip kayak, made and donated by John Kimball. We have a few other items as part of this raffle and we’ll be pulling winning tickets along the way. Get your tickets at either ReStore, in Falmouth or Yarmouth or online by clicking here. Thank you for your support! 

Donate Today! Here's what your gift buys:


30 Lbs. of Nails


1 Bedroom Door


5 Sheets of Plywood


1 Exterior Door


Windows for 2 Bedrooms


Installs Kitchen Countertops in 1 Home