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Home Applications Open Feb 4th

Home Applications Open Feb 4th For two three-bedroom homes in Mashpee House price: 3-bedroom: $140,250 / Estimated monthly payment: 3-bedroom: ~$658/month  Read more

Roll the Rock

Roll the Rock

Come join us at Ryan Family Amusements on Friday April 1 for a rollicking good time. Join one of our Habitat teams - 100% of the funds you raise will directly benefit Habitat. Read more

Tiaras and Toolbelts – The Habitat Gala

Tiaras and Toolbelts – The Habitat Gala

Join us on Thursday, April 28 at the Wequassett Resort to celebrate 100 homes, with special guest star Siobhan Magnus. It will be a night to remember. More information to come. Read more


Missed our Blitz Build – where one house was built in one week? You can catch a video recap here. Many thanks to our videographer, Dave Teffer.

Everyone welcomed you. Nobody put you down for what you couldn’t accomplish. Habitat and its volunteers have truly restored my faith in humanity. 

Kelly Moorhead, 2014

With my Habitat home came friends and love that I was not prepared for, but will always cherish.

Jenna Bellec, 2014

Community is such an important facet of Habitat for Humanity. We become a community of volunteers, …families…and…the communities of the Cape.

Marilyn Nouri, 2013

When I pick my kids up from school, we are all tired – and we have a place to go home to.

Olga Abramavic, 2011

It’s being able to decorate your house the way you want. I think owning a house makes happiness.

Habitat Kid, age 13, 2010

This home was… created with joy and holds the energy of the hearts and hands that built it.

Johanne Kieffer, 2002

Traditions can now start…Owning a home gives your family security and empowers you to move forward in life.

Tom and Kathy Brophy, 1994