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Why Habitat Homeownership?
Why Habitat Homeownership?
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Why Habitat?

Habitat Cape Cod Homeowners build and then PURCHASE the home with an affordable mortgage. Habitat Cape Cod Homeowners are your friends and neighbors, post office workers, school bus drivers, teaching assistants, nursing assistants, builders, chefs, house cleaners and more.

We desperately need to keep them on Cape Cod.

The Cape is facing a serious shortage of affordable housing, leading to an exodus of people from almost all walks of life.

Just because a family has a need for an affordable home, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re homeless. An entire family living in one bedroom or paying $1,800 a month for rent is common. Working families can’t save, contribute to the community or build a life paying 50% or more of there income to housing.

Our home prices range from $150,000 to $168,000. A Habitat Cape Cod home monthly payment (mortgage, taxes, insurance, and home-owner association fees) is estimated to be $670- $800 per month.

How are Habitat families chosen?

We always have more applicants than homes. A team of volunteers and credit reviewers from local banks help narrow all applications down to just the truly qualified based on need, ability to pay and willingness to partner.

Then… we still have many more applicants than homes, so we assign them each a number and draw the numbers from a paint can.

The “winners” get the chance to build and then purchase their home.

We caution potential homeowner families that the process can be lengthy and that you can expect to work hard. But if you are successful, you will benefit from the security and peace of mind that owning a home can provide.

You can stay up-to-date about homeownership opportunities by subscribing to our E-news. Questions?


Family Programs Manager, Mary Ann Mills-Lassiter
Phone: 508-362-3559 x21

Habitat for Humanity Cape Cod family
Habitat family
Habitat for Humanity Cape Cod family