Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod is excited to announce that the organization recently met and exceeded a $75,000 Matching Campaign that will fund Habitat’s Solar Program.

Habitat for Humanity supporters Ken Foreman, Anne Giblin, and Bill Overholtz made the challenge in July 2022. Just a few short weeks later, Habitat matched and surpassed the original goal with a total of $242,404, using an email campaign to local volunteers and donors.

The money will help continue Habitat’s goal to increase alternative energy sources in the homes the non-profit constructs.

“Each home is situated on the lot to maximize the benefits of capturing solar energy.  We generally install anywhere from 5.4Kw (16 panels) to 7.9 Kw (24 panels) on our homes, depending upon the size of the house,” said Habitat Construction Director Bob Ryley.

“The system is sized to allow the homeowner the potential for achieving Net Zero over the course of any given year.  This means with moderate energy consumption our families may eliminate their utility bills, a milestone for families who typically are unable to access the benefits of solar energy,” said Ryley.

“Living in a house with solar is an absolute blessing. When we open our electric bill it usually says, ‘no payment due.’  Not only does it say no payment due, but we accumulate so much credit during the summer that it carries over all through the winter,” said Habitat homeowner Julie Davis of Brewster.

“We are so grateful for the amazing response to this matching gift campaign.  It shows that affordable housing and environmental stewardship can work together to take care of our beautiful Cape Cod environment and help our neighbors at the same time,” said Habitat Director of Resource Development Ginny Irving.