The Falmouth Chamber of Commerce in partnership with The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod and Falmouth Community Television has produced a three-part series aimed at educating the community on why housing is an issue that is affecting us all.
EPISODE 1 welcomes stakeholders within the Falmouth Community who discuss the increased challenges for businesses, healthcare, schools, public safety, and the scientific community in attracting and keeping employees due to the high cost of living.
EPISODE 2 gathers housing leaders from Falmouth and across the Cape to discuss the roadblocks in creating more affordable housing including zoning & public perception, and focuses on education the citizenry on the different types of housing and why we need a balance of all to maintain a community that families from all incomes can afford to live in.
EPISODE 3 examines possible solutions from local affordable housing developers, architects, Select Board member Onjale Scott Price, and the Falmouth EDIC including discussion of what other communities have done to address this issue.
Please see FCTV Channel 13 program schedule for run times or watch on demand at